Examples of Others Who Transferred Skills
Obtained in the Automotive Industry to Other High Paying Careers

Dan Ortolivo
Previous Occupation: Automotive Sales and Leasing Associate
Current Occupation after the Automotive Industry: National Sales Manager

Dan used his experiences and training that he obtained in the automotive industry to land him the National Sales Manager position at E-loan, one the largest and most successful Internet Lenders in the U.S.

Rosemarie Lara
Previous Occupation: Hospital – health care.
Current Occupation after working in the Automotive Industry: Mortgage Sales Manager

Prior to working in the automotive industry, Rosemarie was working for a hospital in a job that had no opportunity for advancement. She said that she knew she had to make a change in her career path if she was ever going to make the kind of real money she wanted to make. She learned more about the automotive industry from a career counselor at EDD. She decided to commit to being successful in automotive sales and decided to become a sales consultant. The experience proved invaluable to her because now, coupled with career training and the experience she gained while in the automotive industry, she was asked to assemble a sales force in the San Diego area for a major mortgage lending group!

Dario Grant
Previous Occupation: United States Marine
Occupation after working in the Automotive Industry: Career Development Coordinator

After four years of dedicated service to our country, Dario decided it was time for a career change. Mario landed a great opportunity with JM&A Group, a nationwide F&I Management and financial consulting firm due to the knowledge and experience he gained in the automotive industry.

Chris Miller
Previous Occupation: Car Salesperson
Current Occupation: Corporate Representative

Chris’s experience in the automotive industry has opened many doors. He was able to land a career position as a Corporate Sales Representative for a company that specializes in providing major loss recovery, salvage disposal, Loss prevention, Fraud investigation, Professional Workshops and F&I customer training. He was offered a great base salary, a company car, and a chance to travel! Due to his experience in dealing with people, helping others and being successful in the car business, he is successful in other great careers now and has many high paying career options to choose from.

Darryl Thompson
Previous Occupation: Automotive Sales Consultant
Current Occupation: Credit Buyer

After working in the automotive industry for a couple of months Darryl received the opportunity to work for Fireside Bank who offered him a position he said he could not refuse as a Credit Buyer for one of their local branches. He was able to utilize many of the skills he acquired on the job and through career training he obtained prior to working in the automotive industry. The experience he gained by entering the automotive industry the way he did caused him to be an instant success in his opinion at his new employer. He said that his fellow employees and managers were amazed, that he could perform so well in the new position since normally individuals are promoted from within after years or at least months of gaining on the job experience in lower level positions. After a short probationary period they placed him in a branch manager training program where he plans to eventually be able to run a branch on his own. Without the experience and relationships made in the automotive industry he says that he would have never known of the many opportunities and successes that were already awaiting him.”

Catalina Taylor
Previous Occupation: Automotive Salesperson
Current Occupation: General Manager (Furniture Leasing Company)

Catalina was experienced in the automotive industry, and decided to attend career training to achieve rapid promotion success. Her story is best told in her own words… “I was working at a dealership and really wanted more opportunities for success and knew I needed to acquire more skills. I had heard about The College of Automotive Management and was somewhat skeptical as to how it would benefit me. The counselors at The College of Automotive Management were very patient with me as I debated back and forth what I wanted to do. I was so impressed by their encouragement, sincerity and special care they gave to my case. I decided to use the school to advance my career as opposed to being held hostage to my own ignorance. After going through the class I realized that the training was so valuable. I wanted to share that I am now being promoted to General Manager for my company, which is a major furniture leasing company due to my understanding of credit, financing, lending, sales and customer service. I encourage others to really investigate what you want for yourself and your career and consider all options. Also, don’t limit the possibilities of what a good career focused education can bring or can do for your future career within the automotive industry. You can be more than a finance manager/loan officer/etc. The education and experience you gain helping people with major purchase decisions and financing you receive can be used in more ways than the 8 careers they train you for! These skills can be used for the rest of your life (personal/business/friends and family).You can learn about credit bureaus, loan structuring, formulas for guidelines and regardless of the product (home/auto/furniture/personal loans /RV /motorcycles /boats /jewelry /etc.). You’ll have a job for life where great money can be earned with the skills you can gain. The investment of time or money is worth every penny to learn and practice these skills and don’t let anyone tell you different!”

-Catalina General Manager (Furniture Leasing Company)

Jordan Lane
Previous Occupation: Sales Manager
Current Occupation: Operations Director

Jordan was a Sales Manager at a dealership before he went to work for an auto marketing firm as the Operations Director. Using his knowledge and experience in finance and marketing he returned home to Texas where he established his own marketing firm. When he sold his company, he had grown it to 5 locations throughout the state of Texas. Now, he is the Director of Operations for a Christian-based debt consolidation firm in Austin Texas. He has a new home and enjoys being home with his family and friends during his time off. The skills and information he learned about credit, marketing, helping customers and business gained through his experience and relationships while working in the automotive industry opened a variety of doors for him.

William Holden
Previous Occupation: Automotive Sales
Current Occupation: Manufactured Housing

William sold cars for several years and was making a very good living but wanted to move into F&I management. He realized that getting an education would be the best way to get a leg up on the competition. After attending a short career college program, he was hired at Cars101 in Oxnard as an F&I Manager making $6,000 to $8,000 a month. He stayed there for over a year when he was offered an opportunity to move to the real estate industry where he made over $250,000 in two years. The knowledge and experience William gained in the automotive industry allowed him to have this success in his opinion. The sales skills and objection overcoming techniques he was able to develop was a great benefit in his new position outside of the automotive industry.
We have dozens of other success stories to share with you of people who found successful careers as the result of working in the automotive, RV or motor sports industries. We can even help you meet some of these people yourself to help you achieve your career goals. If you haven’t already, give us a call and schedule an interview with a DSC recruiter today to learn more about Your career options.