Sales & Leasing Associate
Three Ways to Qualify

1) Preferred Sales Associate Candidates will have at least one year of recent, successful Automotive Sales experience. (Successful sales experience is defined as having good character references and recent annual earnings of at least $75,000/yr in an automotive or RV sales position in the last year).

2) Preferred Candidates who do not have recent successful Automotive Sales experience will have obtained at least two weeks of professional Automotive Sales & Management career school training from a qualified automotive training school. Some of our employers have signed agreements with DSC wherein they have agreed to provide tuition reimbursement for any candidate who has attended and paid for training to obtain the skills required by the employer for this position. If you have not already obtained career school training for any sales position, we can refer you to a qualified automotive training school (for more information) which qualifies for 100% Tuition Reimbursement with "ALL" DSC employers. (DSC is not a career school training company).**

3) In the absence of a Preferred Candidate, some of our employers (but not all) may agree to accept candidates for the position of Sales & Leasing Associate without any prior automotive sales experience or automotive sales & management career school training, if they meet the minimum requirements listed on our requirements page.

** The qualified training school approved by DSC employers is College of Automotive Management. To see a sample of testimonials provided by some DSC employers who provide Tuition Reimbursement benefits to qualified candidates and who also explain why they prefer to hire candidates who have attended career school training for this position, click here. This is only a brief summary of the terms and conditions of Tuition Reimbursement provisions offered by some employers under contract with DSC. The terms and conditions of the tuition reimbursement benefits offered by some employers for this position include $500 per month or $250 per pay period, whichever is more frequent, of Tuition Reimbursement benefits as long as candidate is employed by Employer until 100% of tuition is completely reimbursed (excluding interest or fees if tuition is financed by candidate). The $500/month Tuition Reimbursement benefit also applies to candidates with student loan payments as low as $10/month as advertised on the College website for qualified borrowers. Complete terms and conditions of Tuition Reimbursement benefits offered by each employer may be provided to you by DSC, upon your request. There may currently be no Dealers in your area with current agreements with DSC or Dealers offering to pay tuition reimbursement for the Internet Sales Specialist position. If you are or become qualified for this career and want our assistance, DSC will attempt to contact employers in your area on your behalf and explain why they would benefit from your skills and experience. DSC makes no claims regarding tuition reimbursement for any candidate and the terms of any tuition reimbursement are strictly between the candidate and the employer for which the candidate may choose to work. DSC is not a career school training company and does not provide any career school training services, but can recommend otherwise qualified candidates to an affiliated company, The College of Automotive Management which is a qualified career school training company at the candidate’s request. Career school training or successful experience is not required by all DSC employers for sales and leasing associate positions.